About Stock

Pelaez Productions is constantly looking for new faces. We work with numerous talent and modeling agencies in the tri-state area, but we also like to cast non-models who can bring reality and authenticity to our pictures. We seek people of all ages, ethnicities and personality types for images that reflect today’s cross-cultural diversity. Whether you are an experienced model/actor or are just starting out, we are interested in hearing from you.

What is a stock photograph?

Stock photography is a term that refers to photographs that can be licensed for public or commercial use. These photographs are located in “image libraries” which can be found at stock photography websites. Image libraries include photographs of such as business, education, home, life, science, travel, cooking, medicine and others topics. Many advertising companies, graphic designers, web designers and other professionals frequently take advantage of stock photography to fill their design needs.

What type of images are used for stock photography?

Stock photographs include subjects such as business, education, home life, science, travel, cooking, medicine … in short, just about any subject you can imagine. Stock photographs also include people who are of every age, ethnicity and background.

How are stock photographs distributed?

Stock photographs are distributed though image libraries. You can see an example of an image library at www.corbis.com. After the image is entered into the library, a photography buyer will search the library on the internet for the particular type of image that they need.

How are stock photographs used?

Stock photographs are used in magazines, newspapers, brochures, internet websites, billboards, point-of-purchase displays, packaging and many other applications.


Photography Sessions

What you will need to do if you are selected for a photo session If you are selected for photography, you will be told when the photo session will take place and what the subject of the shoot will be, such as business, exercise, watching television, etc. You may be asked to bring clothing appropriate for the shoot, but you won’t have to buy anything since we have a large variety of wardrobe. We have a staff of hair, makeup and wardrobe specialists to help you to look your best before the photography begins.

During the photography session

Unless you are informed otherwise, all the photography will be done at our West New York studio. Shooting conditions are relaxed and friendly. You will probably participate in several sessions on different sets, perhaps with one or two wardrobe changes. There will be time for breaks between the sessions. If you are at the studio all day, lunch will be supplied.

Model Releases

Photographs of people cannot be used for commercial purposes without the consent of the person in the photograph. For that reason, a photograph of a person without an accompanying release would be of no use to an image library because it can never be used for an advertisement, brochure, or any other type of commercial use. A model release allows the photographer reproduction rights to the photograph, which in turn permits use of the photograph by an image buyer.

What is a minor release?

A minor release is the same as a model release, except that it is for photographs of children below the age of 18 years. Releases for children below 18 are signed by parents or guardians.

What is a property release?

Similar to a model release, a property release allows reproduction of images of uniquely recognizable objects. Examples of items requiring a property release can be a house, painting, wood carving, or custom designed blouse or jacket. Property releases are also necessary for images of dogs, cats and other animals. Property releases are signed by the owners of the property.